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Based on the Jet Legend 1/6 F-16C, and highly modified by the 3D godfather and world champion Quique Somenzini, the F-16QQ turbine jet offers an unprecedented level of 3D maneuverability. It is extremely light weighing in at a scant 27 pounds ready to fly. When combined with the Aura 8, it offers an unprecedented combination of acceleration, stability, and post stall/3D maneuverability while retaining excellent speed and aerobatic precision. It can operate from grass fields that are in good condition. 
It is a revolution in 3D jet flight!


  • Extra light weight composite lay-up with more carbon fiber content
  • Designed to fly with Aura at an Aft Center of Gravity for extreme manueverability in all attitudes, including post stall Angle Of Attack
  • Only needs Reciever, Turbine, and Batteries installed; Can be ready to fly in a few hours
  • Extended Ailerons for added roll control
  • Hi angle thrust vectoring nozzle for improved 3D control at even moderate power settings
  • Installed air system allows opening main landing gear doors as auxilliary air intakes in 3D flight
  • Extreme control throws
  • Precise Aerobatics with minimum control coupling
  • One piece main fuselage for more strength and lighter weight
  • Extensive use of carbon fiber lamination for fuselage walls and wing spar
  • Advanced foam core light weight composite construction
  • Main Hatch and removeable radome and canopy for eazy access
  • Plug in wings and fin for easy transport on wheels


  • Factory installed and rigged digital servos
  • Aura 8 included with Quique Somenzini program loaded (shipped separately)
  • Factory installed and rigged landing gear with doors and wheel brakes
  • Factory installed lights with controller
  • Super-light Rigid Airframe
  • Super-light Foam Tires installed
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Factory applied trim scheme

NOTE: The F-16QQ is a high performance and complex experimental aircraft. It is sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied.


  • Power
    • 140-200N Turbine (180+ reccomended for 3D flight)
    • Air-trap for fuel system (Upgrade Reccomended)
  • Control
    • 12+ Channel Computer Radio recommended
    • 12+ Channel Receiver and Rx Batteries
  • Misc
    • Optional Smoke System
    • Wing Tip Missiles
    • Potenza C80 Touch Screen Charger (FPZMC0080)

Pilot figure not included


Wingspan: 65.6″ 1667mm
Length 96.7″ 2456mm
Weight: 27lb 0oz 12.3kg
Engine: Turbine 140-220N
Channels: 10-16*
Servos: 8+



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