Shock Absorbing Tires with Billet Aluminum Rims


Sold in pairs.
Available in 3 sizes, more coming soon!
Critical RC Wheel Chocks included, $23.99 value!
4 inch which is the direct replacement for the Mamba 70
Up to 22 lb airplanes
Weight 2 ounces
Stock Mamba 70 tires with plastic rims are 1.5 ounces
3.750 inch which is the direct replacement for the RV8
Up to 12 lb airplanes
Weight 1.6 ounces
Stock RV8 tires with plastic rims are 1.0 ounce
3.250 inch which is the direct replacement for the Mamba 60/ Cap 232
Up to 8 lb airplanes
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Critical RCs shock absorbing tires with billet aluminum rims

Our tires are derived from the excellent lightweight forgiving tires available on all Flex Innovations airplanes.
These all have excellent shock absorbing qualities and certainly lead the industry in lightweight and shock absorbing capabilities.
I like landings as a large part of each and every flight with big slips to one wheel landings and deep harrier landings slamming the plane onto the runway. For all normal types of flying the plastic hubs supplied by all manufacturers are fine and hold up.
For people who like to land as I just described ( some say like an idiot!) the plastic hubs are subject to breaking.
As with our ultra flexible carbon gear, I started with everything commercially available today. I wasted a bunch of money on every aluminum hub tires available and while some certainly looked fantastic, they all failed miserably for ANY SHOCK ABSORBING QUALITIES! The most expensive on the market shouldn’t have even have wasted the money on putting rubber on the rims as I think the aluminum has more give and certainly would sound the same on the runway!!!
Our rims are 6061-T6 aluminum with brass bushings. They have full depth dense foam tires that are very resistant to flat spotting. When backed by the structure of the aluminum rim the tire is allowed to work and flex as a tire should.
Nothing in the industry even comes close to the tire and rim combination Critical RC offers!
Critical RC- Licensed Flex Innovation Dealer
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