Ultra Lightweight Shock Absorbing Tundra Tires


Sold as a pair (2 tires)


These 6” Tundra tires are derived from Flex’s Cessna 170 original design. We all know they’re fantastic for rough field service but are too hard and unforgiving. With every Flex Innovations airplane each and every single ounce is scrutinized and shaved to produce the lightest possible airframe. Along with years of design knowledge this is why the entire Flex line has the best flying planes available.
These tires were designed with that philosophy. Originally each tire weighs 4.2 ounces. With treads each tire weighs 3.9 ounces.
The type of foam rubber these are molded from is incredibly strong. During testing and development 15 or 20 different types of ribs were cut into the tires to form the foldable treads. Even when the treads were as thin as 1/16” the web couldn’t be stretched and torn and the only way to get it to tear was to cut the foam and pull a chunk out.
The final design has very large deep grooves between the tread to allow each web to fold over absorbing shock.

Try these Tundra tires on any plane! The hubs are strong enough to be drilled to larger axles and are .210 now. I have tested on 15 pound airplanes and they performed flawlessly!
Use these in conjunction with CRC Designs Cessna 170 Severe Duty Carbon Landing Gear Strut Supports and realize the true rough service capability this system unleashes!


Critical RC- Licensed Flex Innovation Dealer
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